In The Community

In The Community

Volkswagen Group of America has been part of American culture since the first Beetle arrived more than six decades ago. Since that time, we have grown into a family of iconic brands that includes Audi, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. Across those brands, more Americans are buying our vehicles today than at any other point in our history, and our financial arm, VW Credit, Inc., is providing new financing to record numbers of American consumers.

As a family of brands and businesses, Volkswagen Group of America is unified by much more than our dedication to building great cars. We are unified by a shared mission and commitment to putting our engineering expertise, innovation and vision to work for the greater good, to help improve our communities and solve the sustainability challenges of the future.

We also care deeply about our employees, partners and the places where we’ve made ourselves at home. Corporate giving and involvement in our communities is deeply rooted in our culture, and we believe that vibrant public-private partnerships are critical to a strong, sustainable economic future. In 2014 alone, Volkswagen Group of America donated approximately $8 million in funding and in-kind donations to organizations across the country, as well as through our newly launched “Get Involved” campaign.

Please view our yearly reports below, you’ll find stories of how we’ve been deepening our roots in America through our commitment to being a good partner on the road and in the communities we serve – making us At Home in America for years to come.

2015 CSR Interim Report

2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report