Fuel Efficiency

At Volkswagen Group of America, we are committed to driving progress through better- engineered, efficient vehicles that don’t sacrifice performance. But it all starts with our vision for making cars greener than ever. We take steps to ensure that every vehicle we manufacture is the best it can be in terms of its environmental properties. We constantly strive to improve the efficiency and economy of our engines, minimize the power consumption of electrical components and reduce the weight of our cars.

It’s also important to us to measure how we’re doing. We use Life Cycle Assessments to calculate precisely the impact of a specific vehicle model on the environment at various stages of its life: during manufacturing, while being driven and after it is recycled.

We’re committed to promoting sustainable mobility and environmentally conscious lifestyles in everything we do, and we’re particularly proud of our green cars and our vision for cars of the future. Here are a few examples of how we aim to offer carbon-neutral mobility through our cars.