Chattanooga Plant

Environmental and Energy Policy


Plant Size: 1,400 Acres
Employment: More than 3,200 Volkswagen employees
More than 9,500 indirect supplier employees
  • $1 Billion investment
  • $379 Million local and Tennessean construction contracts awarded
  • $307 Million local and Tennessean car supply contracts awarded annually
Economic Effects:
  • $12 Billion expected in income growth in Tennessee
  • $1.4 Billion expected in total tax revenues in Tennessee
Sustainability: First and only LEED Platinum certified Auto Plant worldwide. LEED Platinum certified Volkswagen Academy.

Additional Environmental Facts:

  • Solar Park with 33,000 solar panels on 66 acres with a capacity of 9.5 Million Watts
  • Advanced Painting process reduces C02 emissions by 20 percent
  • “Eco Dry Scrubber System” water efficient process in the paint shop avoids water consumption of 20,000 gallons a day
  • Reuse of rainwater for cooling and restrooms can save up to 350,000 gallons of water per month
  • Power efficient light bulbs – T5 lighting systems saves 20 percent energy compared to conventional industrial lighting
  • LED street lighting saves about 100,000 kilowatt hours per year and reduces ‘light pollution’ in the night sky
  • Protected wetlands and habitats for native vegetation are defined on-site
  • Two creeks were restored during construction to enhance wildlife habitat and provide a wildlife ‘corridor’ around plant
  • Specially designed white roof reduces ‘heat island’ effect by reflecting heat from the sun